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PureQuartzInnovation GmbH Get started Today!Innovations and solutions out of Weimar Greatest precision and cleanliness

PureQuartzInnovation – Innovative quartz glass for manufacture and research

PureQuartzInnovation GmbH is located right in the green heart of Germany, in a small city in Thuringia, called Weimar. Here we got funded with the EXIST scholarship for our innovative solutions. Furthermore, we offer high-quality and quickly available solutions in the area of quartz processing.

In addition to our own products of outstanding quality, we also provide services for your company.

Innovation, precision and highest cleanliness

During the processing of quartz glass, precision and cleanliness are highly prerequisite in order to produce and deliver a high-quality product.

24 years of experience in dealing with quartz glass make it possible for us to preserve its purity during the process. Therefore, we develop and produce a lot of different products according to customer requirements.

Unsere Dienstleistungen

What started out as an individual crafting company is now turning into a flourishing business.

One of the biggest milestones throughout this path was the EXIST scholarship that we received on the 28th of July in 2018 to support our intended project.

Additionally, we received further confirmation of our project with the award of the Thuringian Strategy Competition for innovative foundations of the STIFT in September 2018.

Zertifikat Din 9001

Zertifikat Din 9001

PureQuartzInnovation GmbH from Jena – About us:

Innovative Startup

Innovative Startup

New ideas need an experienced partner who plans and implements them with the utmost precision. We combine precision, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative processes in our team to offer you the best products.

EXIST Promoted

EXIST promoted

Through outstanding dedication and bright minds in the founding team, our innovation was the first company in the industry to receive an EXIST scholarship.
For us, this promotion made a great start and for you it is a clear signal for an innovative company.

Unique In Germany

Unique in Germany

We have our roots in craftsmanship and combine them with an innovative scientific approach, as a result of that the unique company PureQuartzInnovation GmbH exists, and for you solutions with outstanding quality and precision.

Rapidity and precison: PureQuartz GmbH

PureQuartzInnovation GmbH approaches the topic of quartz processing with an innovative strategy. Above all, we focus on two aspects: high quality of work and extremely high production speeds.
Behind all that are 24 years of experience in the field of quartz processing.

High quality of the products

Very fast manufactur and really short delivery times

Benefit from 24 years of experience in the industry

We live for quarz processing

We have made our passion a profession for the last 24 years. Daily, we are living the topic of quartz processing 24 hours. This is noticeably reflected in the quality of our products.
Talk to us and experience our own enthusiasm!

Skilled trade background

Combined high-precision devices

Passion for the occupation

Your benefit by working together with us

You are wondering how innovation and reliability work combined?

Our unique team brings together both the craftsmanship background and the innovative approach.

Both combined, allows a whole new level of quartz processing. Talk to us and get to know our work, because this might say more than 1,000 words itself.

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